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  Benefits of Ratimor  

Industry leading palatability and performance

Ratimor® bait's composition and added attractants increase attractiveness to such an extent that rodents prefer to consume Ratimor bait rather their natural food.

One bite, one kill
Ratimor soft bait also has very good target efficiency - providing a  lethal dose with a smaller bait placement. In a recent study by a US laboratory, Ratimor Soft Bait was also proven to be the most palatable formulation tested against market leading rodenticides. It achieved a 100 % mortality rate in both mice and rats.

Active ingredient BROMADIOLONE is known for its fast results. Combined with highly alluring baits it is proven to be especially effective on Norway rats and house mice. It can be applied as an extermination and infestation prevention method. Especially suitable for larger infestations and for areas, containing large quantities of food.

Lethal dose per single feed (Acute oral LD 0.001763 oz/lbs).


Mammal and environment friendly
Ratimor ® soft bait contains low concentration of active ingredient and therefore preserves the environment from toxic substances. It also contains Bitrex.

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