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  Ratimor soft bait  
Soft bait's composition and added attractants increase attractiveness to such an extent that rodents prefer to consume our soft bait rather than their natural food. Made of food grade ingredients with a high moisture content, our soft bait offers high palatability and effective rodent control. It contains active ingredient Bromadiolone.

Soft bait is especially suitable for places where plenty of food is available.

18 lbs (9 x 2 lbs)

• Especially selected ingredients palatable for mice (Mus musculus) and both strains of rats (Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus)
• Oily compounds cause the bait to remain moist, tasty  and palatable for longer
• Highly effective bait exceeds the strict EPA standard and reaches over 50% palatabily 
• In our experiences soft bait ensures effective and fast rodentcontrol in just 3-4 weeks, indoors and outdoor

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