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  What is Ratimor  

® is a registered trademark of Unichem for rodent control products. It is renowned for good palatability as the products formulated are vigorously tested both in the laboratory and with a number of pest control operators in several different countries. Ratimor® contains the single-feeding anticoagulant Bromadiolone in the minute 0,005 % concentration, making it effective against rodents but safer for non-target species than some other active ingredients . It is also effective against Norway rats resistant to first generation anticoagulants such as Warfarin.

The most palatable formulation with Bromadiolone
Unichem is especially proud to present a new, very palatable formulation of rodenticides for the U.S. market: Ratimor® soft bait for mice and rats. Soft bait's composition and added attractants increase attractiveness and allow for the use of much less bait to achieve a lethal dosage. It contains the active ingredient bromadialone and is especially suitable for places where a lot of food is available. Ratimor soft bait is an anticoagolant bait with immediate results. It can be applied as clean-up or maintenance bait. With added oils it will ensure lasting freshness and a continuously moist product.

Product focus
Top technology is a guarantee for quality products and Unichem's ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards confirm its production and ecological qualities. The company has the technology for the manufacture of grain bait, pellets, wax blocks and soft baits, but the main focus and investment in research and development is on the last two. Unichem's rodenticides can be applied for different uses in residential, industrial and rural areas, in food industry buildings and they can be placed indoors and outdoors in baiting stations. By keeping with the most recent trends in the industry Unichem puts emphasis on the quality and safety of rodent control treatments.
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