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  What people think about Ratimor  
"I must admit that I was surprised (at the speed of pasta bait consumption) as other food was still on the floor and could easily been eaten, and the trap had peanut butter on it but that was left alone. I also have to admit that I did not expect such a quick take of the Ratimor when other food was about, especially seeing as the mouse had already attacked several bags of pet food in the shed. So top marks to Ratimor Soft bait, I will certainly be using this." UK PCO Forum _ General Discussion posting on Jan 26 2007

"I found out that the baits I was currently using became very dry and hard after a while, thus losing their attractiveness to rodents. Soft bait with its oily formulation remained soft and fresh for much longer and the rodents loved it! Where can I buy this product?'", Larry Plecha reportedly said after given a free sample for testing the product. 

Lawrence J. Plecha A.C.E.
Biotec of NM Inc.

"Whenever I had a problem with rodents that were reluctant to eat other baits, I always looked for Soft bait and it always delivered the results", Erik Savenec, the owner of a PCO, reported.
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