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  Quick facts  
5th fact: Ratimor will kill rodents between 2 - 20 days
  The average second generation anticoagulant bait such as Ratimor will kill rodents between 2 - 20 days after the baits have been consumed. Normally it will take 5-7 days since the consumption of the bait to die. It is important for the rodents not to feel the effects before 2 days as this could warn other rodents in the pack.



- 2nd fact: 0.032oz (1g) of bait is lethal for an average domestic mouse

- 3rd fact: Low risk of secondary poisoning

- 4th fact: Proper bait storage

- 6th fact: Rodents prefer to consume Ratimor soft bait

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.