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3rd fact: Low risk of secondary poisoning

If a domestic animal consumes a mice that died as a result of consumption of a second generation anticoagulant, the likelihood of the pet dying of secondary poisoning depends on the active ingredient of the bait. Brodifacoum is more dangerous than Bromadialone for instance. In case of Ratimor, which uses Bromadialone as an active substance, it is almost impossible for the pet to die from secondary poisoning as the quantities of dead rodents it would need to eat would be several pounds and more.




- 2nd fact: 0.032oz (1g) of bait is lethal for an average domestic mouse

- 4th fact: Proper bait storage

- 5th fact: Ratimor will kill rodents between 2 - 20 days

- 6th fact: Rodents prefer to consume Ratimor soft bait

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.