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  Quick facts  
1st fact: For best results, replace baits regularly

The baits in bait stations should be checked regularly, at least daily.  If some bait has been eaten it should immediately be replenished. The baits should still be checked for 2-3 weeks after the last consumption of bait occurred, afterwards it is safe to remove the baits and bait stations. If you chose to keep them in place check them every month or even more frequently in order to spot the infestation as soon as it occurs. If the baits dry out or become visibly deteriorated replace them. The baits should be replaced every month or so even if they seem to be fine.

- 2nd fact: 0.032oz (1g) of bait is lethal for an average domestic mouse

- 3rd fact: Low risk of secondary poisoning

- 4th fact: Proper bait storage

- 5th fact: Ratimor will kill rodents between 2 - 20 days

- 6th fact: Rodents prefer to consume Ratimor soft bait

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.